How do I edit this downloaded model?

I downloaded a free 3D .blend model from this page:

When I opened it in Blender 2.79b, I was unable to select a face. The entire model was selected. Am I supposed to do a conversion to select and delete what I want?

Did you try downloading it as an FBX? Not sure what a .blend model is though, is it just a .blend file?

When you create a model in Blender, it creates a default .blend file. So that’s the kind of file I downloaded.


Downloaded the file from Blendswap and had no issues modifying the rigged mesh.
Just pressed TAB into edit mode and could select Verts, Edges and Faces?

I am using 2.79b. Am at a loss as to the cause.



The only thing I got to select (and delete) were the lower teeth. Strange.

Strange indeed. If you upload the .blend I can take a look?

I’m a new user, so I can’t upload a file.

The file is 15MB. Would this site accept this size of an upload?

Oh well worth a try.

My Zip file download from is 36.4MB! am at a loss why your .blend is only 15MB?

My suggestion would be download the file from Blendswap and unzip again.

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