How do I emulate a 3-button mouse with a PC keyboard in Windows?

Hi, I just got a new pc laptop (no numpad) and I’m trying to configure it. When I set “emulate 3-button mouse” I find out quickly that I have no key for the right mouse button. On the mac, it’s the option, or “apple” key. On the PC, the equivilent key is the windows key, but windows controls that.
How do I work around this?

it should be the ALT key by default…

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the “Emulate 3 button mouse” checkbox is checked in the user preferences (ctrl+alt+U). It used to be checked by default but now it is unchecked by default.

Then you use combinations of shift, ctrl, and alt to get the desired results. I have to do this when I want to navigate with my tablet instead of my mouse.

On a side note, getting a 3 button mouse really helps in Blender. A used 3 button mouse costs hardly anything.

On another side note, I like pizza. :slight_smile:

I have lots of 3-button mice. What I want to do is use blender on my PC like I can on my mac. On my mac, I can emulate a right-click by holding down the option key and tapping with my tablet. This is great for tablet use, but apparently not possible on the PC.

Is there some kind of keyboard remapper for windows that can make my windows key act as a right-click modifier like on the mac?