How do i export a file With animation and texture?

Hello does anyone know how I should export my file in Blender to get the animations i made cause when i open them in unity there is no animation or texture and the texture i made in blender so i can just apply it.

Answers are very appreciated here thanks /Elias

That did not help at all i can Export the textures i made in Blender

Expand your description on what you can and cannot do.
Supply blend file with all texture packed in blend before saving

Did you not watch the whole video? Texture and material exporting are clearly explained. If you’re unable to do what is done in the video for some reason, you’re going to have to tell us what exactly is going wrong. Stomping your feet and saying “that did not help” doesn’t give us any way of knowing what the problem is.

As the previous users have said, I’m not sure what the problem is but I will try to help:

If you have no idea what the Dope Sheet Action Editor is then there’s your problem. Look into how to use it because it is used to store and organize various animations for a rig. If this is not your problem continue -

Select the armature and mesh of the model both in Object Mode.

Export as .fbx, under Export FBX options check Selected Objects.

Import into Unity, set scale, etc. In the Inspector under Import Settings, under the Rig tab set Animation Type to Legacy and Store in Root. Under the Animations tab make sure Import Animation is checked.

The animations should show up under the Animation tab under Clips as well as in the Project view if you expand the model you imported.