How do I export additional animations from Blender to UE4 without re-coding everything?


I’m in a pickle where I need to implement additional animations for my character within UE4 and would like to export them from Blender but it’s proving to be challenging.

When exporting my FBX file with the new animations I can’t seem to find a way for UE4 to not see the new files as a whole new character/asset which results in me having to re-code everything in blueprints. Is there a way to export JUST animations and tie them to my original character in UE4?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

In UE4 when importing, you can uncheck import mesh and select your target skeleton. This way you only import animation assets set to use your already existing skeleton.

L0Lock, this makes complete sense. I will give it a go, thank you!

This worked perfectly, thank you.