How do I export just the selected object?

I am new to Blender, and am using 2.57. I have imported a number of object models into my scene. I have modified one of the objects, and now want to export it as a new object. I select to object (the only one selected) then export to filename.obj. The problem is that when I import the new object back into the scene it contains all the objects not just the one I selected.

How do I export just the selected object model?

Let me know if you need more info


Why not delete all other objects in your scene and save-as a new blend file?
You can then export the remaining object as you like.

Well I suppose I could. Ultimately though I only want to save the object not the scene. I’m coming from Lightwave which can save selected objects in the scene editor. I figured it was pretty much staple functionality for 3d modelers. I’m just wondering if I’m missing something on how to accomplish this.

It depends on the exporter (and the version of Blender you’re using), but at least in 2.5, the OBJ exporter gives you the option to use “Selection Only” on the sidebar of the File Browser. It’s the very first check box.