how do i export my game?!

Hey, how do I export my game so that other people can play it?

File > Save game as runtime

That saves your game as an executable (.exe). There are still a handful of other things you’ll need to do to make it playable, like pack/include textures or sounds, include the required dlls, and include python, all of which depend on the sort of game you’ve made. There are a number of threads around here that discuss some of the various things needed for a working executable. If you really need details, just ask and I’ll list what I know.

i need details plz.

Sorry for the delayed response. Here are some of the things off the top of my head:

-Either pack all external files (ie textures, sounds) or make their paths relative.
-Put all the dlls (found in your blender installation directory) into the same directory as your .blend
-Either force the end user to install python or include the or in the same directory as your .blend
-If your using any additions to python (like pygame) include those as well.