How do I extract a UV image file from a .blend file in 2.91?

How do I extract a UV image file from a .blend file in 2.91?

I do not mean the UV map. I mean the image file that gets applied to the UV map.

I use Daz Studio and love to use .blend file props. But exporting .blend files to .obj strips out the UV image files. So I need to know how to find and extract the UV image files as well.

I think I understand what you are looking for, and it is as simple as loading the UV Map data block in the Image Editor and going to Image - Save as... or Save a Copy.... Here’s an example:

If I misunderstood, please let me know!

I think you misunderstand.

I think your procedure produces a UV map template image.

In the screen-shot you posted, suppose I want to put eyes on that blob that looks like a head.

To do so, I would make an image of eyes, and as I make this image of the eyes, I would position the eyes using the template UV map.

Now, somehow, the Blender file for the head-blob also contains the eye-image file that it projects on to the surface according to the UV template map image.

[Unfortunately, I do not know the process by which Blender users make and apply such images such the eye-image that I’m talking about, because I’ve never done this procedure in Blender myself.]

But anyway, what I want to do is extract the eye-mage file from the .blend file, the image that shows the eyes, NOT the UV map template used to locate the eyes on the head when making that eye-image file.


Wait. That’s not just a screenshot. That’s a tutorial movie clip. Let me examine the movie clip first. Maybe the answer is there.

Yup. It worked for me. Thanks, Hunkadoodle!

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help you find a solution!