How do I extrude an image to .OBJ

I want to extrude this image and export it as .obj? I want either the black or white have holes in it. Like converting a logo to obj

Use it as a heightmap.

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Not really something that’s easily done for an image that detailed, normally you would use something like SVG (vector) images to make geometry out of.
The amount of detail in that image means it’s not likely you would get the result you are looking for with mesh, but a “dirty” way to do it would be to use a very heavily subdivided plane, use the image as a displacement map, set the displacement to be “displace only”. Apply the displacement and then cut away the lower section. Again though, I do not think the result would be very pretty.


Can you do this in displace and chop part of it? I’d like to see how it looks.

Can you do this in displace map or bump map and chop part of it? I’d like to see how it looks. excellent tip !

You can but like I say, it would be super heavy polygon wise and you wouldn’t get all the detail, there’s just too much there. Extruding B&W images works best when it’s blocks like logos, when it’s essentially a photograph, then it’s not going to look pretty I think, unless it’s quite “blocky” to start with. Wherever there is fine detail, then you either lose it, or your poly count is so insanely high as to be unusable.
This is a plane, subdivided so it has over 1 million polygons and as you can see, the result is barely recognisable.

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This is built with displacement using a B&W image of a logo, using displacement, 83K pols and much more readable. That said, I would still of output an SVG vector of this for best results.

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I just did this from your other thread on the SVG…go check…

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thank you for this. very interesting . It might work if I slice it thin cutting away parts to make holes. This image is a mask between the canvas and the light. The shadows cast from this image with holes will help guide my paintstrokes on the canvas in Adobe Medium. This mask are only temporary . If its to complex, I could load one mask at a time. I have 12 masks loaded in Adobe Medium. Half the mask seems ok and the other half has incomplete parts. This project is useless. I may have to start again with less complex images. If it works then I may have to work my way up finding the limitations. The worst is that I paint in the masks via Medium which is very sad to do. But thank you all for the words, bumpmap and displacements. A creative solution!

results looks cold, snowy and icy but I will always remember what you said each day till I wake up with a solution . Thank you for the tips.

ummm looks lot sharper than the other map shown in this topic. Why?