How do I extrude in the "same direction" as the existing selection?

I’m sure this is simple, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I have a tube I made, I select the ring at the end and extrude, but I can’t get it to go in the same direction so it just extends as is. I can’t tap x, y or z because it’s not in that global space anymore.

Here’s a pic of what I am trying to extrude attached.

It seemed to work when I originally made them, but since then I have moved them around and duped them, now I seem stuck…

Hi, I only find it extrudes along the normal of the source if it’s from a complete face. Try making a face with the ring you have there(F), and then extruding it.

or create a new transform axis

How would I do that?

fill the hole,select the edges and press F… now select your new “pipe end” face

now, in the header of the “3d view” where it says “global”, change this to “normal” (shortcut; ALT + space)

now you should see the rotation/translation manipulator is pointing “with” the face. now you can extrude as you want to. when you are done, simply delete the face you added, (not the verts/edges just the face, (press X and select face))

global / local / normal / view are awesome options , and often completely overlooked

Well, for some reason, I cannot fill the end using F. I guess this is supposed to be an n-gon function. I am using 2.62, it simply does not work. In fact a friend sent me a version of my file where he said he closed the ends, but when I open it, they are not closed. I’m not sure what is going on.

I tried selecting the edge loop and using the normal as you suggest, but it still went in wonky directions.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that I created the object, then moved them around before trying this?

If you want to take a look at the file, it is here:

Starting from the file you put in your dropbox… Set your pivot point to Bounding Box. [COMMA] Then merge the vertices at the center with [ALT+M]. There you have your faces. Triangles, not Ngons. And from here, you can use Exile420’s method with the faces. BUT! Keep the pivot point to Bounding Box or it doesn’t work as expected.

Note that your ring is already slightly rotated. Your pipe will have an “elbow” instead of following the direction of the previous section.

Ah, finally - that worked. So you have to extrude the ring first before closing that, I see what that does now.

I have to say though, STILL, using F to close the faces does NOT work as Exile says, to create an n-gon. For whatever reason, I cannot seem to do that. At least I have my extruded pipes now, so thank you!

Blender 2.62 does not have ngon support, meaning several functions requiring ngons support can’t work.

Fortunately you can still create faces easily to close a hole, press CTRL+F -> Fill (or ALT+F to fill directly) to fill selected holes with triangles.

another trick here would be to select an edge along pipe then transform and select edge
then you can extrude along the pipe !