How do I fill in faces?

Of course I know how to fill a single face. But I want many faces at once to be filled, following a certain curvature.

I know you can do so in 3ds max because I saw a tutorial about it.
But I don’t know where/if there is such a function in Blender.

I need it for making a pair of old clogs, and I want to use nurbs curves.

use the grid fill tool. ctrl F in edit mode.probably doesn’t work on nurbs and Nurbs are not great in blender anyway

It seems my problem of making old clogs is harder than I initially thought. It can’t just be made the way I thought it out using nurbs, fill/grid fill.

Any ideas of how to make them will be appreciated.

It should look a little like these ones:

Just that the tip must be more… tipped.

You can start with a simple shape

Extrude it a bit

Inset (with the extrusion selected just press I )

Extrude that inset

Then continue modelling until you get a basic shape

moving a vertice at the tip with proportional editing enabled should be good enough to make it pointy

Some edge crease (CTRL+E -> Edge Crease and type a value between 0 and 1 ) and a subsurf modifier should give a good result (though depending on what you’re going to do with it, additional edge instead of edge crease would work too).

I would never have figured that out myself… I managed to make one that got a poor topology though.

Thank you so much.

EDIT: One more question:

How did you get to that basic shape???

Thank you, will probably help me in another project though :wink:

Please help me. I have got NO clues whatsoever to how to model the basic shape of the clogs…

I tried for half an hour now, and I still cannot get the basic shape. How did you do that?

How on earth did you get to that shape?

Start with a plane, edit mode, scale along X (hotkeys S, X or use the scale widget).
Add 4 loop cuts by pressing ctrl+R and put your mouse cursor on an edge that is going to be cut to get the direction, scroll wheel up to get more cuts, left mouse button to accept, right mouse button to cancel.
Edge select mode (ctrl+tab), select and scale edges along X again to get the shape, then add another loop cut in the middle, vertex select mode, select top and bottom vertices and scale along Y.

Its not the base of the clogs I was talking about. I was talking about the modelling of the basic mesh as a 3d, like the hole where the foot should go in, inside the clogs.

No matter how hard I try, I when I extrude the upper faces at the middle to the tip, and scale inwards, I can’t get them to look like in your picture.

I’ve got no clue whatsoever on how to make the hole.

If i understand well what’s giving you trouble, i modelled it manually, not using an automated function, just extruding etc… on low poly it takes no time … when you’re used to modelling.

But looking at it, if you’re not confident in modelling it manually, you can try to give a try to the Spin function.

Here’s how to :

Select those faces

Press SHIFT+S then “Cursor to Selected” to snap the cursor where i need for the spinning

Now unselect half of the faces

Go into front view

Press the Spin button on the toolshelf
result :

Press F6 and edit the Spin setting by lowering the “Steps” from 9 to 2

Delete those faces

If as in my example you were not already using the mirror modifier,
Select all and press W -> Symmetrize or click on Mesh -> Symmetrize (make sure your origin of your mesh is really on the center of your symmetry)
If the symmetrization does not happen on the correct side, press F6 and change the direction of it or the axis (by default it is -X to X)

Press W -> Remove Doubles then recalculate the normals by press CTRL+N

Select those 2 edges that create triangles (and the 2 ones inside of the shoe that do the same)

Press X -> Dissolve Edges

So you’re in full quads (and the subsurf would not possibly get some bad shading, as subdivision surface and triangles or ngons can do bad one )

Go into Wireframe display and select that edge that is inside the model :

press X -> Edge to delete it to avoid a problem for when we’ll use a subsurf

Now select those vertices and press SHIFT+S -> Cursor to Selected

Change the pivot point to “3D Cursor”

In Edge selection mode , select those edges

Go into side view

Click on Mesh -> Transform -> Shear and move the mouse

After that, move a bit some vertices to get roughly the shape you need with the subsurf active

before i forget : you can change back the pivot point from “3D Cursor” to “Median Point”

Thank you all. It really helped me.