How do I fill in the space between the eye and the nose?

Hello I am trying to figure out how to join the two objects see screenshot( It is the eye and the nose. Normally I would try a fill but it doesn’t let me select both objects to merge them together. Anyone know the best route to take to merge the eye and the nose please?


Your link is dead.

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ok i fixed it sorry.

Something like this …with Mirror on and Clip set… then just add your mesh as you see fit. Clip will join the mesh on the intersection of the mirror modifier.

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Thanks! Do I have to match up the two objects with my eye or is there a way to make them snap automatically? So is it better to create both eyes at the same time using mirror?

With clipping on in the mirror modifier all you have to do is move them together (touching) and the vertices will snap together…Note: after all done you should select all and remove doubles ( edit Mode/Mesh/merge by distance).
How to set up all this is shown in this retopo video and the settings will help you model this ( you don’t need the shrinkwrap modifier now but keep video URL for later viewing). HERE about 9 minutes in…
Have fun!

Yes using mirror to create both eyes saves a ton of time and effort. after done turn off mirror (apply) and adjust each eye so it looks real ( a person’s face is not a mirror image, each side has its own differences ) a mirror image will always look WRONG unless it is a robot.

Many thank yous my friend. Appreciate it. Your helping people get there dreams achieved!