How do I fill the inside of this cube?

Hello! I’m new to learning blender and I’ve stumbled upon a problem I can’t figure out. For context, I’m trying to recreate this shelf and I also included what I’ve made so far:

I wanted to delete the top since the top shelf is open. But it kinda gave me this awkward slanted unfilled area and I was wondering how do I fill in this area? And not make it slant?

Would really appreciate any help!

Make two Loopcuts (Ctrl+R) and then Fill with F.

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There are differents ways to do that depending the result you want.

First, in the Edit Mode, select the face, press I to use Inset Face tool image , then press E to Extrude

Another way is, in Edit Mode, select two faces (eg. Top and Bottom), press I to use Inset Face tool, click on Edge Menu > Bridge Edge Loops

Sorry, I tried to upload images but I can’t upload yet. I’m new user here!


I would suggest that you go a different route rather than adding and subtracting geometry …and jumping through all the suggested hoops… and just use a Boolean Modifier …
Set the size of the first Cube for the shelf, then add another cube and scale it for the removal of the inside…then add a Boolean Modifier…select shelf-cube and set the object as the second cube and use difference.


Thank you! This was a lot easier and I just learned something new :smile:

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You could also use the “Solid modifier” if you dont need complex geometry:

simple.blend (101.4 KB)