How do I find "Edit Strip"?????? (video sequencer)

I wanna add text in Blender.

I can add the thing into the sequencer, but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EDIT THE TEXT! :no:

I can see the windowbox in this video to the right, but I dont have it on my computer!!! :no:
This is highly confusing for a non-scientist like me

Also, why do I have 2x File / Render / Window / Help in the top part of the window? I only need one :no:

I’m compeltley noob to this program so sorry if this seems like the most obvious in the world…

I have gone through all stuff I can see, so maybe I’m missing something…


You missed the reading of chapter about window system on online manual.

When you will know what is an area, you will understand that you have made two info editor areas in your screen.

To show the column on the right; you just need to press N.
But to understand why; just read the chapter about regions just after the one about areas.

However that page doesn’t show how to bring up “Edit Strip” like in the video I linked to… :confused:

I just wanna be able to edit the text in the program when editing videos but I have no freaking idea how to access the “Edit Strip” windows =(

I mean if Blender was simple like most programs, I would just double-click the text strip in the sequencer, get a box with text and just hit enter. You know, like Windows Movie Maker or something. Thats much more user friendly

Now I dont even know how to find it in the first place

Sorry but I REALLY SUCK at avanced programs like this…


Hmm…Think He in the start… say it’s in daily build…So…if You don’t use Daily Build…You ill not have it in Your Blender version.

You can try to download a daily build from here…

And see if it’s in…?

Just download a Zip file for Your system…Unpack it to a folder and Run the Blender.exe


Please start support threads in the correct support forum rather than in the first one you see. It is not a difficult concept the grasp.

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To show the strip properties panel on the right of the screen press N. There you can change the properties of the selected strip including the text for a text effect strip.

If this is too difficult for you then just use WMM as you appear to be proficient in using it.