How do I find freelancers?


Me and some friends are founding a startup and we’ll need some 3d art done. It’s some very simple stuff, that I’m sure many people here could do quickly (just a simple cartoon character + rigging). So I was wondering if there was some website that would aggregate freelancers that I could hire to do a job?

I was recommended to use which seems awesome, and I did find plenty of 3d artists there.

But I was thinking more something like This website is really great for hiring artists to draw logos. You post a project, many artists will post logos, and you just pick the one you prefer. But it’s only for logos. I was wondering if there was something like this, but for 3d art?

So I was hoping if you guys could share some experience in what’s the best way to hire freelancers. It can be for any software, but I much prefer blender artists. Should I just use Some other site you recommend? Or should I just post it here on these forums?

Thanks for the help.

You can post on this forum just as well. As you are the “buyer”, you can perfectly well dictate your terms and conditions, and if you don’t find what you want, you can always try elsewhere. I can’t comment for others, me personally, I tend not stray from this site much. Alas I can’t help directly with your project, but best of luck.

3d is more complicated than logos, takes a lot more time per iteration… having lots of artists pitch their designs at you any you only pay for one is great for you as a customer… pretty bad for those investing time. will leave lots of people annoyed that they spent their time for nothing.

It’s pretty awful for anything. I’m surprised that sites like that are able to attract any artists/suckers.
But you’re right; it’s even worse for 3D. is okay.
ifreelance is also good.

It would also work to just post here asking people to IM you a link their portfolio along with a rate quote.

may be decent- seems to be more 2D centric however. is also in the works, I thought there was another blender-specific job site as well…

Check out It’s a freelancer site that’s fairly broad, encompassing a lot of different kinds of work. Employers post projects, artists/suppliers bid on projects, the employer chooses a bid based on price, portfolio, needs, experience, etc. Safe and fair for both parties, as no one does work for free and the competition stays healthy, at least in my experience.

EDIT: Whoops, didn’t see the post right above mine… But just a note on that: it’s broader than just 3d, but there is a lot of 3d work on that site too. Look around there, plenty artists…

Thanks for the replies. I’m taking a look at both ifreelance and elance. They all seem pretty similar. But could anyone give me some reference of a website that you used before and liked? Either as an artist or employer?

I’ve got good references for, but had never heard of the other ones. iFreelance doesn’t seem very good after a first quick look, I could only find 6 blender artists there and they all seem inactive (last job at 2007 etc). Elance seems much better and has much more blender artists but it’s hard to tell. So if anyone could give me some references that would be great :slight_smile:

I also disagree that a site like 99designs wouldn’t work for 3d art. You have to remember there are all kinds of different jobs. Some are fast others are not. My jaw drops when I see the awesome stuff some guys make in those speed-modelling competition. If there’s a chance to make a few hundred bucks at the end, I’m sure many would love to give it a shot. There’s plenty of simple stuff that can be done quickly. I’m not gonna ask you make me a whole 30min movie :slight_smile:

Did you see the rates on Dang those people sell themselves short.