How do I fix jumpy multi res modifier pixels on sculpted character?

I want to preserve the sculpting data for my CobRoller character but some of the pixels in the back are jumping across the scene. I’ve tried manually smoothing the pixels in the sculpt mode but I’m unable to reach or find the end of the pixels going haywire. Is there another way to fix these pixels without restarting on sculpting data?

First, what is the reason that this is happening, is it the armature or the base mesh?

You need to find a way to select them, one way to do it is set up a Shape Key, Smooth everything so the crazy “pixles” as you call them get closer to the character, then you can select only the “pixles” that are waay in the background, delete the shape key, then smooth only the selected verteses:

This method should work if its a “mesh issue”. If its the armature thats causing the problem, then move every bone one by one to identify which bone is causing the problem, then on the same page as the shape key, delete the Vertex Group associated with that bone, then weight paint it again manually afterwards.

Two tips btw.

  1. Dont call it “your CobRoller” when you havent made it yourself, its a rookie mistake, but taking credit for other peoples work is among the last things you do as an artist :wink:

  2. What you called “pixles” are called “verteses”, the “dots” on the character. Each “plane” is called a Polygon, or as blender likes to call it, a “Face”.

Also sorry for the late reply

Thank you for your advice, this most likely is a mesh problem

Also, I made the Cob Roller from scratch so I don’t know where you got the impression that I didn’t

Did you sculpt in different levels of multires.? I mean you sculpted in the high resolution (eg 4 ) and went back a lower resolution ( 2 or 3) and back to higher resolution (4)? If the response is yes then you are making acquittance with Mr Spike. If no then it will be good to share the .blend.

Did you check the weight painting of your model? Is every vertex assign to a group?

Pardon, take it as a complement. I thought it was a downloaded model, the model was too good for a beginner to have made it :stuck_out_tongue: And i thought you were a beginner since you called verteses “pixles”. My bad.

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Apologies for the minor hostility