how do i fix this glitch

how do i stop my character fallin through the floor or going through the walls when i go forwad into. how do i fix this glitch

Make sure the faces on the floor and walls are set to have “Collision” in the “Face Select Mode”(Key F). Go to UVFace Mode, press A to highlight all the faces, press W, and click on the first Collision setting that pops up from the menu.

Side Note:

Once you fix this problem, you might wind up with another. If the character starts bouncing around, select the walls and the floor and give each one a material. Go into material, click add new, and go down to the bottom of the menu and click “DYN”. This should fix it. You also might want to do the same for your character.

If I missed something, someone let me know.

don’t use dloc for motion

make the bounds for your object as large as possible

avoid high speeds [use lots of damp if necescary]