How do I fix this renber problem?

I made a ship’s hull with a section where I wanted to have a smooth curved fantail assembly, and got it to a point where I had manualy cut out the fantal shape afet booleaning had failed, or so i thought.

Here’s the file: <a href=“” target=_blank>heroft7.blend</a>

Well, I have a perfect setup and all I need to do it fill in the hole.

I’ve been here for a couple weeks now.

Every time I try to fill in the hole, the smooth edge basically gets ugly smears on it and the filled in part has ugly faces all over, not only are the new faces wrong, but the originaly smooth edges are shot to hell too.

Why, why does blender mess up the formerly perfect edges the instand I connect two of the points, or extrude anything, or any a face or line in any way? How can I stop this?

I’ve recalced norms, I’ve tried everything I can. I even dipluicated the edge and faced in the duplicate. Seemed to work until, HA HA! I removed double veetices at which point the problems just BOINGED right back.

The one thing I will not do here is “start over” as, frankly, I’m a little sick of putting a ton of effort and time into something just to “start over” and over and over…

Any ideas?

Have you tried the ‘edge-split’ modifier or ‘autosmooth’?

Never heard of edge split. I used the “set smooth”, is autosmooth" a more advanced version?

The edge split does a similar thing to autosmooth but you can see the effect real time in the 3d view and you can if you wish specify exactly which edges you want to be or not to be smooth. Smooth on its own just makes everything look like a potato, use the edge split modifier to control the sharp edges.



I agree with those above in recommending EdgeSplit. I had a play with your file and closed the hole. I altered some of the topology but that’s a matter of personal taste. I prefer to work with fewer vertices. (You could use the subsurf modifier to help create smooth shapes without having to move around lot of vertices, but it would be better to try it out when starting a new model instead of trying to retrofit it to an existing one.)

This edge split thing looks good, have to experiment with it. Thanks.

BTW, any suggestions on setting the angle for things like autosmoothing or edge splitting?

After beating my head against this MF problem with the fan tail for weeks the edgesplit modifier fixed it in one go.

Thanks a lot, I’m grateful. If you ever need anyone killed, just PM me.