how do i flatten a bumpy surface?

how do i flatten a surface, and is it possible to make a surface perfectly straight.

sorry wrong forum, i would delete this message but i don’t know how

How do I flatten a bumpy surface and make the surface perfectly straight like the default block that blender starts with? Is this even possible or do I have to just do it the hard way?

Can you be more…specific?

in my game whenever the character walks he kinda slides to the side, i want to make the ground completely flat so that wont happen.

Well, what is your ground made up of?

what do you mean?

Like is it a simple plane (aka 4 verts) in which case id just select each vert and set the z value to the same thing or is it a really complex mesh? in which case i do believe there is a flatten feature somewhere. a screenshot would be nice (if you click on that button next to the layer buttons that has a picture icon you can render your 3d view).

its a simple path with 7 faces, its looks like a sidewalk.

Eh well I cant seem to find the flatten feature if there is one which i do think there is, I’m guessing your only option is to choose a z value and using the properties panel (N Key) set it to each vertices making your surface. Its not ideal but atm i dont see any other way sorry.

Theres probably someone out there with a better solution but by the time they post it, you’ll have fixed your problem using mine. Still it could prove quite useful if you run into the same problem again.

the n key is fine, didn’t know about it before.

Pleasure was mine, happy blending! :slight_smile:

you can select all the vert that need flattening and then scale them in the desired direct ion until flat or select them and click on smooth in the edit window a buch of times or use the flatten tool is sculpt mode. and if you set the surface to smooth it always helps.