how do I flip a face?

Well, basically I’m modeling a character vertex by vertex… edges by edges and face by face… but now some of my faces seem to be facing the wrong way. I knew how to flip them in max, but here I can’t figure it out, any help would be appreciated… I tried searching, but I can only get through one page before the search engine flakes out ( :expressionless: )

Select these faces you want to flip, then press the WKEY and in the popup select “Flip Normals”.
BTW: You can check faces’ orientation, when you go to Editing Buttons (F9) and there to the tab named “Mesh Tools 1”, where you find the button “Draw Normals”.

If you are talking about flipping triangles, with two triangles selected press ctrl-f and the center edge will flip like in Max.

Alternatively to what FastEddy suggested you can also press ctrl-n to flip all the normals outward at once. (If you wanted them inward, you could then select all the faces, and follow the process over of using ‘Flip Normals’)

Hi I see that this thread is old but hope to get an answer anyway… I think I have the same problem as Jigen and 2 of my faces are darker than the other faces and I want them to be the same… and I guess that it is flipping the 2 faces I need to do but I have tried to do “flip normal” when I selected the faces but it doesnt work… and its rectangles not triangles.