How do i frame text in blender.

Recently I was playing around with text and I wanted to make an animation with the effects in the ‘‘object data’’ section that u get when u make a 3d text. I saw that there were alot of nice things u could do with ur text but when I then used the normal LocRotScale frame capture it didnt wanna stay as i edited it. Basically, I let the text be normal and captured a frame. Then I dragged the depth up to give it volume. I captured that frame too but then when I played it up the first frame had changed to the last frame. So my question is. How do I capture a frame after editing the 3d text with the options in the object data. Cause LocRotScale doesnt seem to work.

Press I with your mouse hovering over the parameter you want to keyframe. The box will then change to yellow indicating the keyframe has been set.
LocRotScale as its name implies just keyframes the location, rotation and scale of an object, nothing else

Thanks! :smiley: