How do I get a Face and other Squishy details...???

OK so I have box modeled a human and hes still pretty boxy but I’m gonna get him to where he looks good. So my question is once I get the basic model down and pretty and I’m ready for the eyes, mouth, ears and any other little details how do I add them? Should I sculpt them in or do I have to some how model them in??? And this char is gonna be for a game in the future if that helps you help me?

it depends on the level of detail that you are looking for. if you want to keep it fairly low poly for this game then use a subdivision surface modifier. it will keep it low poly but give it a smoothed and more refined look. Then you can go about Extruding the mouth into shape and massaging the mesh into the detail that you are after. here’s a tutorial for a workflow that i use more often than not in this method:-

However if you have already got the basic face shape down, then just find the vertices that are where your eyes should be and either extrude them back into the head or delete the FACES that they hold onto. Then insert UV Sphere’s for eyes.

If you want a large ammount of detail and don’t mind about the poly count, then try sculpt mode after applying a Multiresolution Modifier and hitting subdivide untill your pc starts to slow down and then back up one or two subdivisions. This allows you to quickly (after some messing about with the tools) acheive a great ammount of detail without the long process of the above workflow.

Here’s a basic sculpt tutorial to get you familiar with the tools and how to use them:

I’m currently working more with sculpting and am finding it an easier process than modelling the poly’s. but thats just me.

hope this has helped.:slight_smile:

DeadParrot: Yes it helped alot thanks for the advice I will look at the tutorials later today when I get home of course. Although I honestly think I’m gonna be stuck with the lowest poly way possible because I think the less polys, the better when trieing for a gaming character… not sure though. But I know I once fully sculpted a orc head and people said it would be to hard to rig/animate for a game. But once again thanks for the advice at least now I have an idea of how to get eyes in =).

not a problem at all dude! good luck and be sure to post the results!