How do i get a ray/radar to not go through a wall?

(Appolonius) #1

I’ve had trouble getting a sensor (ray,radar,near) to not pass through a wall. I’ve tryed to understand the gamelogic(Or Controller).blend but i dont see how they got it to work. Anyone have any info for this?

(S_W) #2

Normally a ray should not go through walls…and a radar should, but I’m not 100 % sure about this.

(saluk) #3

Yeah, that’s how it should work. Check to see if the wall has collisions enabled (go into facemode and look at the paint buttons).

Other than that I dont know.

Near and radar both go through walls.

(snowy_duck) #4

make sure they have the correct axis on and the right dastance (u don’t want it searching for u when its pointing strait up and only .1 cm long

(Appolonius) #5

You ppl are the best. every works now :slight_smile: ive got some great enemy AI (and it works). He hears you with the radar then looks at you. Then he follows you when the ray hits you :slight_smile:
Thank you

(snowy_duck) #6

wanna send the file?