How do I get a script into the .py format so I can install it?

I have gotten links numerous times to addons that are just code…as in the sample I am inserting in the pic here. I am not a coder and don’t have a clue how to save a script like this into a .py file or zipped file.

What steps do i have to take to get this so I can install it into my addons?

Thanks for any help with this…I am a persistent yet a slow learner…but I will get there!


“Save page as” looks like .py

Thanks Pyro. It is a .py file for the addon called IES 2 Cycles. I am not sure it will work with the 2.77. I did not get an option to save page as…instead it gives me, in Chrome, " Save as" and the only option is as a txt file. But I put .py on it after saving and it seemed to load in to Blender.

I just wonder why it is not included in github as a download…with info on whether or not it is still compatible…etc and maybe some doc files for info.

But thank you for your reply.

For future references:

If you’re using Windows and don’t have any better text editors:

left click somewhere on the text > Ctrl+A (Select All) >Ctrl+C (Copy)
Open Notepad> Ctrl+V (Paste)
Save As > from the drop down field Save as Type choose All Files > then type in the name (with the extension) in the File Name field> From the Enconding drop down menu choose UTF-8> Click Save.
Now you have a script that you can install or copy into the addon folder.

Some scripts have non ANSI characters so it’s better to have them saved as UTF-8 encoding.

Thanks lijenstina. I will remember that about UTF-8 encoding. I read somewhere that this particular script does not work well in version 2.77.