How do I get a worn paint texture?

What nodes do I need to get a worn paint material?

That could cover a whole range of possibilities so you might want to be a bit more specific and perhaps given an example image.

However a simple search brings up stuff like this:

As I see it, this has 4 elements:

  1. the paint material
  2. the material under the paint
  3. the mask that controls that is paint and what isnt.
  4. the edge between the paint and non-paint: at the simplist the paint is higher on a bump-map, and the most complex you take into consideration multiple layers of paint, each in their own state of pealing away.

What material would you recommend for this tank?

I made this tank, but it is currently using diffuse maps with no texture or material.


It’s not too unsusual a material… I’d start by going throuth the PBR section of … plus , cc0textures, and all the other many free PBR texture sites.

How do I change the color of a PBR?

I usually place a HSV node (Hue Saturation Value) after the diffuse or albedo texture. By changing the hue slider you change the color.