how do I get an object to fly through a maze w/out hitting walls?

Hi, building a flying fish of sorts.
Would like at first to be able to see it fly through a maze without hitting the walls. And automatically on game start w/out it being controlled by the user.
secondly I would like to try and bite the user. but that is not my first priority.
any suggestions please or a nice youtube tutorial you could point me to?

Ok, traditionally people do that with waypoints, or a Navigation mesh,

there are ways you can make basically a Roomba with rays, if it can throw arcs… the problem is not getting it to move, but to use the traveling salesman problem to hit all the waypoints, and turn it on/off when pursuing the player.

BluePrint, wow! That is awesome. Sadly it meant nothing to me as I am now only starting to play w/the game engine.
I went to you tube to follow up on jared’s swets game creating post. And also did tutorials for blender maze games and used the ian scott tutorials of the little walking android, will have to rework those samples a couple more times to make sure the info sinks in.
But…I am sorry to say what you said didn’t ring any bells. Can you point me some good tutorials or should I just google the terminology?

Well, way-points are like little invisible markers you mark as “Safe”, the AI’ uses the waypoints to follow a path, but the use does not need to be set in a line, If I look at a weigh-point face it with my body, and then jump forward like a bunny, I get to the path so, you just have to have hitting the way-point set the next target, So I hop over to one, then the next etc, but don’t hit anything,

Also If I have a set of cones projected from mv eyes iwith the base deleted and split into sections, I can use those to aim the head with collisions, so if it is on the left of my eyes and contacting the left cone, turn my head that way till the center cone is colliding, not the edges, this will “Steer” to something without really having a hard target, these cones can also be used to turn the creature away from walls, or obstacles,
with enough of these behaviors it will mill about, doing what it “feels” like, add in some randomness and wa-la

Navigation meshes are where a Ai’ uses topography to navigate, so any surface angled to far up is considered un-traversable while rules for jumping down can be used as well, this works good, but tends to end up with ai’s running into dead ends,

and then there is any other way you can get the job done, like using forces projecting from the wall that only effect the fish, and then have some thrust on the fish and no gravity, it would swim down the center, until it hit a curve, where you would have to apply torque to “Aim” the fish to the next tunnel, :slight_smile:

Want a demo of any of the concepts? I have not worked with nav-meshes alot

BluePrint, thanks for the additional info.
A demo, sure!
I also went back to youtube and started searching for info.

what are you having trouble understanding? I will make a demo for that :slight_smile:

wow. that’d be great thank you.
To keep it simple starting off and not take too much of your time could you do a demo on the pahtways and way points. The eye cones would be neat as well.
can I do anything to return the favor? A blend model. Or textures for your games? I have a site w/free textures available. Help yourself if you’d like any of them.
I have had a good coder just add a login in feature for the larger files. But it’ll only be use to control excessive downloads.

I need a texturer bad!!

send me your email via a PM

I have something built already that does this with physics!!

done! cool!

Look at Lizard(jump)