How do I get back to UV Edit after a test render?

Using Blender 2.55-beta, 2010-oct-28, Mac OSx v.10.6.5

I’m using the UV Editor and doing occasional test renders and then going back to the UV Editor. However, every once in a while it gets ‘stuck’ on the render image and then no matter what I do I can’t get back to the UV’s. Well, no matter what I do, short of the right thing that is…

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


I’ve never had the UV editor get stuck on a rendered image, but to eliminate whatever issue may be occurring, why not just make the rendered image show up in a new window. Turn on “New Window” in the “Properties” panel.

Did you try this button :

Sorry for the delay in responding. I took a break from things over the holiday season, now I’m back to it.

Thank you both for the helpful responses. I really appreciate it.