How do I get camera to focus on an image plane in Evee?

I’ve got my f-stop at 2.8 and have it set to focus on a camera empty which is working correctly, but when the camera empty is on the same plane as an image plane that I’ve imported, the image is NOT in focus, yet the 3D text right next to it IS in focus. So it appears the camera is working correctly and the focus is working and the camera empty is working, so what’s up with the image plane that its not in focus?


Any suggestions? Has no one else had this issue?

can you upload sample file !

check your DOF may be

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Here is an explanation of the problem Im still having.

System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Graphics card: GTX 80 Ti, GTX 1080 Ti

Blender Version
Broken: 2.81a
Worked: none that Im aware of

Short description of error
When using a camera in Evee, the camera does not focus correctly on image planes. They appear blurry.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Create a scene in Evee along with a new camera. Create some text and right next to it, import an image as a plane and set the text side by side with the image. Create a empty for focus, and set the camera to focus on the empty. Place the empty exactly on the image plane. Set the aperture to a low number to get shallow depth of field (in the .blend its set to .2). Cycles renders the image plane in focus, whereas Evee renders the image plane out of focus. See attached .blend file example.

Evee Image Plane Bug.blend (4.6 MB)

As a possible work-around (not a solution) perhaps try rendering the image planes separately (with no DoF) and add them in later. You could do this in compositing or using the VSE timeline. Render the image planes with Film:Transparent checked, save as RGBA, and use alpha over.

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Have a look at the mapping of the image on the plane.
Some types of mapping will blur the image and you’ll never get it into focus.
(I’m not at my Blender PC right now so I don’t have more detail to give you)

I think this refers to the “Texture Interpolation” drop-down in the Image Texture node. I just came across this with respect to blurry pixel art, and changing it from the default “Linear” to “Closest” helped there. I just checked, and it does not solve this issue when using Depth of Field in Eevee.

This definitely seems like a bug or limitation in the OP’s (and my :slight_smile:) version of Eevee. I just tested it in a newer release (v2.82.6), and selecting the plane as the focus object creates a non-blurry image (except at the edges where it is a little soft, but should not be noticeable in your application - i.e., no close-up of the edges of the image plane).

Is this one of the new Image Empty types, or is this from an “Import images as planes” action?

Try this… in materials, switch blend mode to opaque