How do I get everything on the same layer?

Super Noob here. I am working on an existing mesh and modifying it. In the process I created a new prim then because it was somehow joined to the rest of the model and I wanted to mirror only it in object mode, I deleted the rest of the model and then saved the single prim to its own file. At which point I mirrored it in object mode and I still have no idea if all as for naught or it if is inside-out. Anyway, I saved as a blend and tried to open both files in the same space but they just kept swapping which was open. So I exported my prim and it’s mirror to a dae and imported it into the original file. Yay - success right? No. Because I have three things now. The original model, the thing I created and it’s mirror all in three separate places and I cannot get them to all be in edit mode or all in object mode at the same time. I’ve tried this M thing and gotten my prim and it’s mirror onto a different layer, but still, not the SAME layer and I need to edit them together. Ideally with the original model there so I can use it as a guide for size. I am literally crying in frustration now. This should not be this difficult. Please help :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and I can’t get the original layer to be in anything but object mode now, no more edit mode on that layer.

I’m using 2.79b. I tried 2.8 but while pretty slick, it caused me to immediately lose my marbles because what little I’d learned was suddenly useless.

In 2.79 only one object can be in Edit mode at a time, while 2.80 does allow multi-object editing.

Assuming you stay in 2.79 (as you probably should for now), it sounds like you just need to get the various object on the same layer or display multiple layers at once during certain steps of modelling…

The “M” key allows you to move objects between layers, while clicking on the Layer buttons allows you to switch between displaying the various layers.

Holding the “Shift” key while clicking the Layer buttons during either of these operations allows you to target multiple layers - for moving objects to more than one layer or displaying more than one layer at a time.

If that info and link don’t help, you’ll need to upload the file to help others better understand the actual issue and any possible fixes.

It’s really hard to understand what you’re trying to explain. Some screen shots or blend file would be helpful.
Basically “Object mode” is where you can manipulate all the objects (as a whole) in your current scene - move them, rotate, scale (But only objects and NOT their components - vertices, edges, faces etc).
Edit mode is where you can tweak individual components of every object. In blender 2.79 ONLY 1 object can be brought into edit mode at one time.
If you have 2 different objects and you want to combine them into 1 you need to join them. In object mode select objects you want to join and press CTRL + J or select Object menu and you will see “Join” option.
If you have objects on different layers and you still want to see all of them you can hold shift and hover your mouse over layers (squares with dots at the bottom of the screen). Or press “M” to move objects between different layers.