How do I get "here"

How do I get to this address on my computer: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\shellserviceobjectdelayload\cholecyst:@{ee2975b6-e8d5-405e-8448-8fe9590f6cfb}

Just can’t quite figure out how to get there.

Thanks for the help,

i have no idea how you would expect any of us to know that. You could try putting “C:” or “C:\program files” before the rest of the path, but without signing on to your PC myself I have no way of knowing.

Well I ran a scan, and some of the items that were Smitfraud, which I’m trying to get rid of, start they’re addresses with “software…” Then there are others that start with “C:” So this is why I’m asking where I can find the “software” folder.


That looks to me to be a registry location. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Then start digging. Or you could search for it with regedit.

this looks like a registry entry, not a file path. goto run… then type “regedit” then browse to that path in your registry. careful - if you break something in there you can really screw up your windows install.

if you are trying to delete some malicious code it may take more work than just deleting the key - I’d download two programs, both free - “hijackthis” let’s you delete malicious reg keys, and “spybot: search and destroy” is another great “watchdog” program that will kill spyware. good luck. ewido security suite is a pretty good free scanner too

the above two programs scan deeper than lavasoft’s adaware, but I’d install adaware too - also free virus killer and may catch some stuff the others don’t

Okay thank you all for your help, I finally found that last part of the trail, the “cholecyst… thing”. But its a file, a REG_SZ, And when I ran my spyware/adware scan, it said that “cholecyst…” is where the Smitfraud resides, soooo should I just get rid of it, delete “cholecyst”?

scroll down to the “how to” article.