How do I get in touch with the VR development team?

So I heard that there’s going to be a VR version of Blender coming out and I wanted to get in touch with the development team to hopefully be part of the alpha/beta testing as I have some experience in VR.

Tried finding them online and came up with nothing. Any ideas where they’re hiding?

Check this to see VR related development:

Check this to see VR related work in Google Summer of Code:

And this to chat with developers:

cool thanks man! Sorry for late reply, was busy :slight_smile:

actually the VR/AR guys have their own room at

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Damn it’s hard to figure out how to test the VR thang. Folk in XR chat can’t help. Thought it might be a stretch :confused:

no messages were posted in the XR room since I posted the link, you sure you asked in the right place? What hardware do you have?

hmm that’s funny, I may have posted in the wrong place. Ah you’re LazyDodo. Someone said I should look out for you. Bit busy now but maybe I can hit you up again soon. I have GTX 1070 (well, two of them but that’s not really useful outside cuda rendering) and an Oculus Rift.

You should look out for me? damn whoever said that made me sound way more sketchy than i am :slight_smile:

anyhow, oculus is easy!

  1. Grab my openxr build from graphicall since official support has not landed yet, you need this special build with VR support.

  2. Start blender with the blender_oculus.cmd batch file located next to the blender executable.

  3. Enable this addon

  1. once enabled you should have this option, but don’t click it just yet!

  1. On the right side of the viewport there’s this little guy, click it!


  1. and click on the VR Tab, and this panel should pop out, this allows you to change some basic settings for the VR viewport


  1. Finally Click the menu option from step 4 and you should be good to go!