how do i get light to look like it is coming from a fixture?

i am trying to do a scene where there is only one light source (an overhead light in a room) and i want the light to come from the light fixture. can someone link me to a tutorial, or give me some instruction?
thanks guys.

You need to add a lamp object where the fixture is.
Put the 3d cursor where the light bulb would be, Then hit Space/Add/Lamp.

The documentation below explains the lamps in detail.
The old interface is shown, but the controls are basicly the same.

You probably want a spotlight style lamp too. (Or a couple).

i tried doing that, but the fixure over the lamp is being ignored, and the light is going right through it.

do you mean its not casting a shadow?

well, if you’re using a z-buffered spotlight then thw clipstart and clipend values have to enclose any objects you want to cast a shadow/have shadow cast on them. depending on the shape of the fixture, you may need to use more than one spotlight. You can also use just a normal point lamp with ray-shadow. It depends what kind of shadow you want, z-buffer is kind of soft edged, while ray-shadows are hard (unless using area lights).

o yeah, don’t forget to activate shadow and ray (if your using raytracing) in the render buttons.

thanks for the help.
it’s getting bettter (but still not good).

Is there an “opague gel” or “mask” for a spot light? I can’t remember what it’s called, but I used this in 3DS before. It’s like an alpha channel graphic (black and white only), light shines through the white, but not the black. It was real useful in one animation that took place in a forest, to simulate the shadows cast by the trees overhead.

I spent some time looking, but didn’t find anything like this. Any way to do this in Blender?



I know it can be done …

Does Blender support “opacity maps”? Basically, an opacity map is what I was describing before, except applied to an object. If so, a flat primative with an opacity map put in front of a spot light and set to cast shadows might work. Or better yet, a “half-sphere” with an opacity map that encloses the entire scene, and is only visible for casting shadows.

Worse case, a combination of flat objects could be placed in front of the light (and only to cast shadows)could do the same thing.

I’ll search around Blender a bit more, if it doesn’t support this yet, it would be worth putting on a “wish” list I think.


im not sure if this is exactly what you mean but you can apply a texture to a lamp to fake shadows, caustic effects etc.

Did this quick to show you my setup for a lamp w/shade.

Uploaded a blend file you can look at. it’s not pro work here, but looks good to me:


Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. Not sure if it helps to simulate the shadow cast by a lamp shade, but I think it would do what I was talking about (shadows cast by trees over head).

I’m still a complete newbie to Blender (today makes day 4), used 3DS for about 5 years, but that was a while back. Still digging around the interface looking for how to do things, Blender is awesome…