How do I get Make Human to Blender?

Hi. I am trying to get Make Human to work with blender but I don’t understand what it means when it says Load the into a text editor window in Blender before importing the mhx file
I copied 2 python files into the script folder like the txt file told me to do. Now I am lost.

I don’t know what text files you’re talking about, but I guess you just have to activate the related addon in User preferences to import .mhx files. Then you import the file :wink:

edit: I’m talking about the Blender 2.5 version

I am using 2.49 until Blender 2.5 has a finalized version

How do I do it in 2.49?

Well, I guess that you must “paste/copy” or “Load” the .py files in the Blender Text Editor window…so, you open a “Text Editor” window, press the little arrows button to create a new one and “paste” the script on it or you browse your hard drive to load it!

You must open the file in Blender’s internal text editor. Don’t run the script, just let it sit there, and everything should work fine. This is truly a weird hack, but it was not my idea - this is just the way Blender 2.4 works.

From the Blender Wiki:
The Blender text
Besides the above modules, if there’s a Blender text called “” loaded in the Text Editor, it’s also imported:
* pydrivers: pydrivers, p
This allows users to create their own functions and add their own variables without the restriction of the one-line py expression.