How Do I Get Motion Paths To Stop Updating Everytime I Move A Bone?

I calculated once and now every time I move a bone it freezes for a few seconds and updates the paths. But there is no “clear paths” button and I cant fine an option to turn it off

What version of blender are you using and can you post up the .blend file?

I’ve been away from blender for a bit and when I read your post I was like - oh motion paths update now when bones are moved?

Now I’m getting back into blender and I’m using v3.1.2 and I created an animation with a single bone, just a couple of loc keyframes and calculated a path for it. Then I changed one of the keyframes and the path didn’t update. I had to hit the ‘Update All Paths’ button to update the motion path.

To remove a motion path, on the right side of the ‘Update All Paths’ button is a ‘X’ button that should stop the display of the motion path.


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