how do i get my game to run without blender?

ive downloaded games that come as a stand alone executable file, without using blender. how do i do this? :-?

Ahh, the noob crying for help tactic…
Just kiddin’
Go to file, Save Runtime and it should ask for a directory.
Beware though: you have to group the dlls from your blender instalation folder to get the runtimes to go.

  1. File -> Pack Data (packs resources into the .blend)
  2. File -> Save Runtime (saves stand alone executable)
  3. Copy the python and sdl dll’s(from the blender directory) into the directory of the stand alone executable you saved.

As Drewu said.

Also under the “Render Buttons” window, check out the “Game framing settings” for the stand alone.

An EXACT answer…
MINE was apparently not good enough. :smiley:
Good luck and good blendering.

ohh thank you so much! :slight_smile: :smiley: