How do I get rid of overlapping vertices

Hi I came here to get some help about how to get rid of two points that are in the exact same position. I’m basically completely new to Blender (I decided to try something new during my holidays,) and I have no idea what any of the terms mean. (I’m still not even sure what a snap is, is it a weld?)
Could someone teach me how to get rid of overlapping points and how to turn the whole thing into a smooth object instead of having the vertices/faces/edges in the middle.
Furthermore could someone tell me what this could be considered as in is there an actual word for this.
Thank you in advance for any help and sorry for the word block. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category. :frowning:
Sorry if someone has already posed the exact same question.

I am not really sure if I understood your questions. But if you want to remove vertices that are at the same location, press ‘w’ then in the popup menu select ‘remove double’. Before this you can press ‘a’ to select all the vertices (remove doubles only affect the selected vertices).

Mesh > Vertices > Remove doubles, then select your merge distance in the tool shelf (open it with T)
If you’re a beginner, I could not recommand you enough to follow some tutorials before doing your own stuff. Go on youtube and type blender beginner. Andrew price is one of the best guys on youtube.