How do I get rid of the cursor in my .exe?

(TorQ) #1

I would like to be able to have the cursor not visible in the camera of my demo. Is there any way to this? Thanks.


(z3r0 d) #2

do a dir() on the Rasterizer module

I believe what you need is:

(TorQ) #3

Please forgive me but, I don’t know Python yet and don’t understand how to execute what you are talking about. Could you be more specific with your example? Thanks so much for your time!


(saluk) #4

make a python script in the text window
type in Rasterizer.showMouse(0)
on one of you objects make an always connected to a python controller
enter in the name of the script in the python controller
make sure the always is pulse mode on

it should work

(TorQ) #5

Its not working there is an error in the info window that says Rasterizer variable not found. Any ideas? Thanks.


(saluk) #6

Ah right, you have to import Rasterizer first. At the top of the python script, add this line:

import Rasterizer

sorry about that.

(TorQ) #7

Thanks Guys!