How do I get text to go onto a mesh? Like wrap around a can?

Let’s say I have a cylinder, and I want text to wrap all the way around it. Is there a way to have the text stick to the object? Or if not, how else would I do it?

Try this tutorial…

Take a look at this picture series of a can in Blender…

Learn the Mapping basics here in a few minutes…

eye twitches This is a pretty simple solution and I’ll help you out with it.

Make a cylinder that will fit arouns your object (can, bottle, whatever) and make an IMAGE of the label you want to use. You can use Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, GIMP, or whatever program you prefer for this, just make sure that the height of the image and the width will accomodate being a label.

Next, once the image is saved, set it as a UV texture on the Cylinder for the label. Divide it throughout the whole cylinder so that it’s not repeating, and you can easily handle the labeling process.

If you want it directly on the can, you’ll probably need to use a UV texture on the container itself for it.

Ah, both of those responses are very helpful. Thanks a lot.