How do I get the glow effect to stay?

I am following this tutorial like I mentioned before and I’m using the sequence editor to add a glow strip to create specular bloom on my objects. But for some reason when I press F3 to save it the glow effect disappears.
I’m doing everything the tutorial says to do. “Do Sequence” and “Do Composite” are both activated. Like I said it renders the image with bloom, but if I move the image or go to save it with F3, no more bloom effect.

Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Oh and can someone shed some light on one other thing,… I’m planning to animate my scene but do I render it with the glow effect before or after it renders the basic animations? I’m assuming after because its a post processing effect right?

I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Have you tried to set the render file output directory beforehand so it saves automatically?
(Instead of manually saving.)
I’ve seen it where on the last frame of my animation all the 3d elements ‘shift’
when I used composite,and I think if I saved it manually it saved ‘shifted’ instead of not.
If I have the output file set then everything seemed to turn out ok.
Also ‘do sequence’ is strictly for video editing\processing, so maybe that might be why it’s
not saving correctly, if that’s clicked and there is no sequence editor video feed. :smiley:
I don’t know if it can do both at once…
I could be wrong though, I’ve only used the input image node to composite video with 3d.
Hope that helps.