How do i get the look from the Cycles Engine in the Game Engine?

Hello dear people of blenderartists,

i study Fine Art and i’m mostly working on room installations.
Due to the our university beeing in lockdown… i started to work with Blender again, as i can not work in the studio.

I somewhat know my way around Blender and i created some renders from a room in Cycles.

It looks the way i want it to, but i dont have any clue how to get the same look in the Game Engine, as the lighting works completly different (from what i understand).

I thought about texture baking, but my room is very dark. Just because the light is baked on a texture, it wont be illuminated without light and the light sources in the Game Engine screw up my look …

i dont really know how to proced from here.

Btw, i want it in the Game Engine so i can move around in it and somewhat ‘‘experience’’ the room to get a feeling for it.

This is a example room. I hope it shows my problem. the only lightsource should be the inside of the ‘‘doors’’

There are other rooms that i want to make that are way darker, where the problem is even bigger …

I hope you guys can point me in a direction, thx!

What version of blender and game engine are you using?

You could bake lighting from cycles (and use emissive materials) or use Eevee that gets pretty close to cycles if you take some time to set it up correctly.

In blender 2.79 you would most likely have to fake the lighting, like in a current game I am working on I wanted the cave to leave a shadow, so I used negative lighting, instead of trying to use a single light source… the game engine does not work quite the same as a render engine, but newer builds as stated above could be used- but that is out of my knowledge of blender.

Also welcome to blenderartists :slight_smile:

@Darfiss hello & welcome to BA.

My advice would be to turn on ambient occlusion in the Properties Window -> World tab, since it’s roughly global illumination (It would make your whole scene brighter)

If you’d rather not have your whole scene brighter, & just that single building brighter, make it so that the single building’s material(s) multiply or add more color to the final look.

How good is your video card?

Upbge 0.3.0 uses eevee real-time

I thought about texture baking, but my room is very dark. Just because the light is baked on a texture, it wont be illuminated without light and the light sources in the Game Engine screw up my look …

This betrays a misunderstanding about baking. It doesn’t matter how dark or bright your room is; what matters is the type of lighting and shading that you’re trying to bake. Fortunately, the example image you’ve shown us is actually quite easy to achieve in realtime with baking!

Your baked object does not necessarily need to be lit in the game engine to be visible, because the object which uses a diffuse shader in cycles can have its diffuse lighting baked, then re-applied as an emission shader in the game engine. The result will be an exact 1-to-1 copy of the cycles result in realtime, and furthermore it will be very fast. The drawback to this method is that only diffuse shading can be baked this way, and it will not respond to any dynamic changes in the environment (your baked floors will not respond to any new shadows created by objects that weren’t there during baking)

I can provide an example .blend if this sounds helpful

OMG a .blend would really help me!!!

I dont really care about dynamic changes. Its just so i can move freely in the room.

Thank you so much!

Take a look at this example which I built off of your reference image:

thank you so much for your help!

but now i have a new problem lol.

at first i couldnt open your file, so i updated from 2.79 to 2.82
… they wont change the UI again right? …

lol now i have to learn the new UI first, before i can really start working again …

but thanks, this looks great and i think it will really help me!

2.8 is the big change from a while back, so it should be a bit before they change the UI again- just be aware if you want to do stuff with video games you need something more than blender 2.8 (like UPBGE) because 2.8 is a render/animation engine now

I know that know ^^’

I downloaded UPBGE and i think i will work with this for now.

Thanks all you guys for your help!

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This channel from this talented guy, called Wayward Art Company, has pretty much everything you need to know about archviz and material work in the BGE (blender up to 2.79 version).

Look for the architectural visualization series, as well as the realistic viewport materials one, particularly part 4 in your case, where he explains a scene with the same principles as the one you want to achieve (but you’ll need to follow from the beginning). You can get amazing results with BGE as is, as long as you understand the material language and the process of baking from the cycles render, as explained in the tutorials.

You could also use the experimental UPBGE 0.3 which works pretty much the same as in the previous versions (in terms of visual scripting for things like walking around, etc, you can use the same tutorials) but it uses Eevee as its renderer. Eevee is considerably more powerful for archviz scenes, and any tutorial for how to use it and how to set up materials and lights will apply, as the UPBGE 0.3 version doesnt require a dedicated renderer and material system, it simply uses eevee as is. It has the drawback of not being trully realtime, in many situations and depending on hardware, you will see visual artifacts and the scene re-rendering itself everytime theres a change in the position of the camera (either walking or looking around). It is possible this will be eventually improved though, as its constantly being worked on by the blender guys.

I’d like to point out that Blender 2.9 is already here experimentally & Blender 3.0 could be released as soon as maybe next year.
My bet is an even newer UI style is coming for that big number …

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