How do I get this more... spidery?

Originally, this was supposed to be a 3D printable object. But now, I want Herbert (that’s his name) to be more spidery and scarier.
My main problem is that the legs look really “manufactured”. I tried sculpting them, but that just messed up the whole geometry and f’ed up the model. Also, I don’t get them to look insectoid enough when sculpting…
Any ideas, anyone?

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Hi, look at some references, the legs are made of more section and have some hairs on them, textures will help.

Yeah, I think it’s the missing hair, mostly. My reference Image strangely has fewer Segments in the legs :confused:

Also, a Little Color could do wonders, don’t you think?

Spiders are unpopular all over the world, even among indigenous people. Scientists say it’s because anatomy and behavior are so different from ours. So longer legs, lots of hair and black of course. I would add a little red, based on the black widow. Or the other way round, the shorter the legs and the thicker the body, the closer it comes to Lucas

There should be six joints and also each segment is slightly narrower near the joint .

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Any tips on how to get the Joints Right? I extruded the last face, made the resulting cylinder smaller, pushed it a Little into the last cylinder, like so:

Otherwise, the SubDiv modifyer kills the “Joint” look.

Yes that is how i do it, but if you need more definition just add another loop near each side of the joint edge and move them up or down to get the right look.
The other advise regarding the legs is that you don’t need a cylinder,
you can start with a cube and extrude it then when you add the Sub D
it will be round anyway.

Yes, that’s the way to go! The front legs are way scarier.
My wife also helped me in arranging the hind legs and I’ve also made the body a little slimmer in comparison.

Thanks for all the help, guys!

I think textures will do most of the work from here. Some great shaders with hair work…

By the way…incredible species…vile vile creatures.

The fangs could be more defined and bigger. The front legs next to the fangs could be a little longer as well

Currently, he looks like this. I hadn’t had much time recently to get the hang of the hair particle system, but somewhere down the line, I’ll do it.

Also, the fangs and longer legs could be an option, too, I guess. :thinking: