How do I get this to video?

:o I have a ball rolling down a hill. The ball is the actor and it runs as a game when I press the P-button. How do I render or export this to a AVI-video?

you can record the animations into the ipo curves of the object [in the next release this is in the game menu]

or you could use Rasterizer.makeScreenshot(filename) to save the individual frames [not really a good approach]

both techniques have been discussed on this forum before, I’m too lazy to try to re-describe how to do these things

[I’d reccomend you get a prerelease version of 2.40 and use the record to ipo in the game menu]

Maybe I’ll try that but I have to uninstall 2.37 first. None of the Game Engine tutorials are telling how to convert a .blend game to a .exe game. Where is the converter in Blender?

Blend to exe

File->Save Runtime

Make sure SDL.dll and python23.dll ( I think thats what its called) are in the folder with the runtime.