How do I get to the Lattice Panel?

I Shift>Add>Lattice. It appears in the Viewport. I want to change the U V settings in the “Lattice Panel” p661 in the User Guide. It does not show up in the Button Window. Where is it? Do I need to attach it to an object/objects, before it appears?


Lattice panel shows up in edit buttons for me, after adding a lattice and nothing else done. Maybe put your mouse in the buttons window and hit Home.

I opened up a new document and realised I had the wrong pane open (Render Panel) which of course displayed nothing… With the Edit pane open…hay presto, there is the Lattice panel. This is a bit like learning PhotoShop and Illustrator all rolled into one…

I am hoping to apply a lattice to my characters eyes and also want to manipulate the character as a whole. Is is possible to apply a lattice overtop of a lattice and what is the best strategy when doing so. Putting things on different layers? Hiding objects?