how do i go about creating an interactive 3d environment on the web?

Not even quite sure of where to start. But wanted to create some thing along the lines of a park. people could log in/or just access it and walk around it.
I thought it’d be a good simple start.
Any advice? Can this be done all w/blender? Would I need Unity 3d? Anything?

I think something like agoose’s multiplayer library + some water and grass GSL shaders and some procedurally generated trees and it would be smashing :smiley:

Add in a chat app and a skybox that is high def…

Burster plugin
For your web-player needs. You need to look it up, I haven’t got around using it yet, but I will try in the near future. I myself use Blender for realtime walkthroughs and fast video capture. Look at my links below.

These days people don’t like plugins for playing online games. If I were to develop a game for the web, I’d probably head for a webgl game engine. Things like copperlicht, Kickjs etc. But developing a game in an engine like that takes a lot more time and effort…