How do I go about modeling this seemingly basic shape?

Hello folks!

I am having a quite troublesome time modeling what seems to be a basic shape. The problem is that I don’t quite know how to go about it, and in what order. I have tried different things for two days, but the topology always gets messed up, or the subsurf modifier ruins it if it looks ok flat.

The shape I am trying to model is this:

The thing I am having trouble with is getting the corners beveled, and at the same time making the handle, not destroying my ability to make loop cuts and making the round hole to the left. I would also like to have the ability to make the little “dent” in the middle.

What happens is that the topology always get ruined after a while, and I suspect there are better ways to go about this than what I have tried so far:

  • Making the handle with knife tool
  • Making the handle with boolean modifier
  • Making the handle by making loop cuts and extruding downwards

Either way I happen to not retain the ability to loop cut the mesh, making it difficult to make the round hole. If I manage to keep my ability to loop cut, then I can’t bevel the edges. I have tried manually deleting edges and vertices here and there to make the beveled edges. The problem is that when I apply subsurf, the whole thing looks like a mess.

Any tips and trick welcome, but bear in mind you are talking to a beginner here :slight_smile:

EDIT: Working in Blender 2.8 Beta at the moment.

Making the handle by making loop cuts and extruding downwards sounds like the best idea to me…


Start with a box version of your mesh, bevelling and details like those grooves should be the last part.

Use a mirror mod. You can start off with 3 axis of symmetry (X,Y,Z), then apply Y, and do the handle with X and Z symmetry still intact. You might have to apply the Z direction of symmetry later on.

I’m not so versed in hard modeling, and there could be better ways and topologies for sure, yet here’s how I did it.

I have included some early passages to show how I started, but along the way I realized that I had done a mistake, and I had to split the handle and its surrounding faces, scale them toward the middle and reconnect them by ‘bridge edge loops’.
I’m not able to describe detailly what I did, sorry, anyway I have used primarily edge loops cutting, beveling, extruding and edge sliding.
Hope it helps.

base.blend (203.4 KB)

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Thank you both of you, this is very helpful. I will check it out and try it out - hope I can make it! :slight_smile: