How do I go into camera perspective on a mac?

I recently finished a stick figure mesh and then I added some armature to it, it works really fine. Then I decided to make a video so I watched a tutorial on it ( and then at 7:20 it said to press 0 on my number pad but I don’t have a number pad on my keyboard so when I the 0 above the letters and all, it deletes the stick figure, this might be because I have the mac version. If so how to I go into camera perspective on a mac? I don’t think it has to do with my animation but if you wan’t to take a look, here:


stickfigure-6-1.blend (667 KB)

how about the “emulate numberpad” setting on the preferences screen? this might help… idk if it works properly on a mac though

oh, and pressing the regular 0 key (not on the numberpad) doesn’t delete the object, but sets the current layer to layer number 10 (in which i assume you must have no objects)

My advice to anyone using Blender on a MAC (as I do) is go to the local store and buy a different keyboard and a 3 button mouse. You don’t “NEED” these things, but it sure makes it a lot easier.

Lets say I can’t do that and since

Lets say I can’t do that and since

You don’t “NEED”
those things how would I do it?

Exile420, lets say I’m three, now explain that again

In your user preferences in the input tab you have an option to emulate 3 button mouse and emulate numeric keypad. Turn these on. Now the numbers across the top of the keypad work like the ones in a number pad if you had one. As for what the emulate 3 button mouse does, I don’t know because I immediately spend $5 and bought a 3 button mouse.

Do you have a iphone, ipod touch or ipad? If you have, then you can download Keypad ( its a keypad, but then on a ios device and its very simple to conect with blender. Hope it helps!

I think Emulating a 3 button mouse allows you to hold the alt key (or some other modifier) and left click, to simulate a middle click… you’d get used to it after a while i suppose

place57 I have a magic mouse with no 3rd button

Which is why I pointed out I was not familiar with emulating a 3 button mouse because the first thing I did was spend $5 and get a 3 button mouse. I think emulating a 3 button mouse lets you hold down another key, then use the mouse. I found that a big enough pain in the fanny to go out and spend $5 and buy a 3 button mouse. I never liked apples magic mouse anyway

okay place57

Ok i have figured it out if you do not have a numpad.

Go to View > Viewpoint > Camera (Numpad 0)