How do I have a material with both a gradient texture and a noise texture?

I want this object to have both a gradient and a noise texture, but I can’t do it. I did have success with connecting a color ramp connected to a noise texture node to the displacement in the material output node, but I want it to be a 2d texture, not a displaced texture. My node setup is in the screenshot. Can I have help with this please?

Keep in mind that I’m a begginer and know practically nothing about Blender, so if it requires complex node structuring, I would appreciate more simplified wording.

You need to mix both Textures with a MixRGB Node. The Multiply Blendmode will probably work best for your needs. The Factor controls how much the second input contributes to the result.

You can also add ColorRamp Nodes after both textures to control their contrast etc.

Map Range Nodes would also work for this purpose, but are a bit harder to understand.