How do I hide an object in Blender?

I’m creating a short animation.
I have a domain Cube, which is really big but I want to hide it in the final render?

Also, for some reason I can’t bake my smoke? Even though I can see my smoke animation…
how do I bake it? i haven’t even baked it yet, but yet I can see smoke!

I thought after you Bake it, you can see smoke!

Can someone please answer my First and Second Question? Thanks

[Second Question]
I can’t seem to find the Bake button, I want the smoke to be a really good quality,
but I can’t seem to find the (MB-GB Button-Space-Take-Up). You know, the button that says Bake, and it tells you how much GB will be taken up?

I can’t upload the file, it’s too big.

I don’t know about the baking, but as for the cube, go to the outliner and make the cube invisible by clicking the camera icon (Prevents object from rendering)

Oh thanks!

My second question is, how do I make my Smoke Animation better quality!

I increased the resolution to 512.
I closed Blender. Now when I try to only open the file,
Blender crashes. Just because I open a file, it causes Blender to crash!

Well… there goes my animation!
Guess I’ll have to start over again.
Damn, I was really anxious to get my first animation out~! :frowning:

Increasing the resolution exponentially increases the RAM usage, your system specs are most likely too low to handle higher quality smoke simulations. It might be possible to remove the simulation if you could open the .blend without running the file and delete the data block for it. I have not done this before but I’m sure one of the more experienced users on this forum would have the solution.

Well you may not have lost everything you could try to append some things from your blend file to a new one.