How do I import 3d models with textures from blender 2.65 to shapeways was wondering how I could import 3d color models to shapeways like this using blender 2.65 when I import there are no colors.
This is the one I tried

It has a png with a alpha channel as a texture map.:slight_smile:

If Shapeways will import .obj, just export from Blender in that format. It’ll take the textures with it.

Maximum filesize: 64 MB. Supported filetypes: DAE, OBJ, STL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL, ZIP. ZIP may contain all supported 3d files and textures. Textures files(GIF, JPG, PNG) are only available for color uploads(WRL,X3D,X3DB, X3DV files).

Beware, the model also has modifiers not applied preventing it from being a static mesh for a x3d export, armatures involving several meshes, shapekeys, which need to be applied before export.

Can someone explain me step by step what to do?