how do i import a base mesh into sculpris?

how do i import a base mesh into sculpris? i’ve tryed everything people have suggested. but every time i get a message saying ‘too many connections to a vertex (max 24)’ or ‘too many connections to a vertex (max 2)’ how do i fix this?

wait, I see you saw that thread… maybe you could post the blend and I’ll see what I can do…

k -this should be quick and simple (and sure fire) -you need wings 3d

step one: try to use the decimator modifyer -what’s that? non manifold!? (move to step 2)
step two: save your work <-(important) now unlink all linked images -and apply/remove modifyers the object and export obj

step three:import the file to wings3d (any version -doesn’t matter)

step four: press ‘b’ and click on the object in question. (b=wings3d version of ‘object’ mode)

step five: right click and find “weld” -note: if there were images linked to this object and wings doesn’t find them (like say they weren’t saved yet) it will crash! -and that’s why you remove linked images.

step six: wings will go through the object data and find overlapping faces (no, not duplicates -hard to explain what it takes as duplicates)

step seven: you will see vertices highlighted in red -that’s what was operated on. That means our shenanigans were a success!

step eight: export the object (file->export/export selected ->obj)

step nine: export into sculptris… -works, right?

step ten: (open it in blender and try applying the decimate modifyer -it won’t tell you that you have a nonmanifold mesh anymore)

step eleven: the work-around would be to rearrange your mesh -like literary deleting the verts and rearanging them not to share more than 2/3…? faces -yeah, it’s hell depending on where the non-manifold verts lie :?

i trye to upload the file but it didn’t work

the decimator modifyer dose not work. it says "non manifold as imput.’ what dose thus actualy do?

-you’re not actually going to decimate the mesh. It’s to show you weather it’s manifold or not. if it is, it’ll import to sculptris without issue.

if not, just export an obj of your model and import into wings3d, and use ‘weld’ (press ‘b’, left click on the object, right click, and find weld on the menu that pops up) -should just work. (reason I stress removing materials first is that if you had a uv image that wasn’t saved, wings will look for it and find nothing, then crash -or just not weld -which is what you’re trying to do.)

Now, if it ‘welds’ the verts which were nonmanifold will be highlighted (this means they’re fixed).

Just export this object (file->export->obj) and import it into sculptris.

(if you import this object into blender and try using the decimator modifyer, it won’t give you the non manifold warning) -you’re not actually going to decimate the mesh.

yeah. that’s basically it.

If you can’t manage to attach your .blend on a post here, as an alternative you can use winzip/winrar/7zip/etc… to compress your blend into a .zip/.rar/.7z archive and upload the archive into website like
etc… no need of registration, just browse to your file, upload and you’ll be given a download link to your file once uploaded

Then copy paste here the download link to your file.

ok thanks, i’ll give them both a go