How do I import a camera's animation from one .blend file to another?

How do I import a camera’s animation from one .blend file to another? I animated a camera, and I want to reuse that camera animation in another .blend file.

I thought I would do this, but I don’t think it works:

  1. Select the camera
  2. Press Shift-f1
  3. Choose the first .blend file
  4. Click through it to Actions, and choose the CameraAction.

When I do this, nothing seems to happen. I’ve tried doing this while viewing the NLA, the dopesheet and the graphs editor. The camera still doesn’t receive the CameraAction I thought I was appending.

Can you help?

almost there.

  1. append the CameraAction from the file
  2. select the camera in your 3dview
  3. open the DopeSheet
  4. change DopeSheet to Action Editor
  5. with the camera still selected, click on the keyframes icon (next to ‘+ New’) and choose CameraAction

You could also just append the other camera as an object into your scene. Then make that camera the active camera.


Thank you, Sago! That was exactly what I needed to know.

Atom, thanks for your idea, too.